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New driving test review

New driving test

It’s been 6 weeks since the new driving test started on 4th December 2017. Many have already taken the driving test; here’s a run-down of what’s new and our commentary on how our driving instructors and candidates feel about it.

The change resulted in a rocky start when a DVSA examiner partook in a strike on the first two days. Candidates were turned away because of the strike action and later in the week, the snow made roads hazardous resulting in driving tests being cancelled.

The Sat Nav

The Sat Nav element of driving can be challenging at first. People get confused on what the Sat Nav is saying and how to follow the directions in real-time. By training the new driver to use the Sat Nav, they should be careful not to replace the planning, anticipation and awareness of the road layout and action of other road users. People may rely on the voice of the Sat Nav and not see what the diagram on the screen displays.


Many driving instructors are disappointed that DVSA have dropped the turn in the road (3-point turn) manoeuvre from driving test, which is important if you need to turn the car around, if you go in the wrong direction or live in a cul-de-sac area. They’ve also questioned why learners must pull up on the right-hand side of the road.


The response from the DVSA: it is an important manoeuvre needed for day-to-day driving, and allows examiners more time to test the candidate’s driving abilities particularly on fast road, as statistics show many new drivers have accidents on rural road compare to build of area. Driving forward into the car park has been introduced because new drivers tend to struggle with it.

Safety check questions

A safety check question will be asked while the is candidate is driving. They will be asked to show various things such as, how to turn the headlights on or how to de-mist the window.

Test routes

Sari’s review “If anybody is looking for driving lessons then I 100% recommend Driving Solution”

DVSA have designed the new driving test route to incorporate various types of junctions, making use of fast roads such as dual carriageways or rural roads.

Using the Sat Nav will allow them to change the test routes more frequently than before. When learning to drive, we recommend that you develop your planning, anticipation and awareness skills to be a safe and confident driver.


Candidates review

Naomi’s review “Such a good driving school, I passed my driving test only having 15 lessons in three months”

One candidate described the driving test as being less stressful because of the Sat Nav. It displays the direction to go in advance, enabling you to work out what the upcoming junction is beforehand.

Other candidates also expressed happiness as the left corner reverse was taken out and was replaced by pulling up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse in a straight line and then drive on then back into normal driving position.

Another new reverse manoeuvre was added; drive forward in to a car park space and reverse out again. They had stated it was ‘easy’ and ‘like doing a right turn’.

Driving Solution instructors review

Martin’s review “Driving Solution is absolutely amazing, pass my test with flying colours”

All Driving Solution driving instructors welcome the new style driving test; it adopts the usage of technology that people rely on whilst driving, and reflects realistic situations.

At Driving Solution, we use client-centred learning techniques. We want all our candidates to be safe and confident drivers.

If you can demonstrate that to the examiner then there is no reason why you should fail your test.

Between the 4th December 2017 to 4th January 2018, we had 22 of our learners doing the new driving test. 19 of our students passed – that’s a pass rate of 86%!