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34 hours Intensive course

The 34 hours Intensive driving course! is suitable for someone who has some basic car control, and has done some driving, or someone who is nervous about driving

To do the 34 hours intensive driving course you will need to have the following key skills:-

  • You have already taken 5 – 15 hours of driving lessons
  • You have basic understanding of car controls and Instruments
  • You can move off drive in straight line and stop smoothly
  • You can do some basic left and right turning at junctions

34 hours Intensive driving course including driving test  *Read the terms and conditions


Off peak hours 

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Peak hours 

Monday – friday 5pm to 8pm 

Saturday 8am – 5pm

Manual car £1238 £1340
Automatic car £1238£1340

Shakira passed with 34 hours Intensive course this is her review…..

I’ve had a great experience with Driving Solution. Thank you to Habib who helped me gain more confidence in my driving and I managed to pass first time on a 34 hour intensive course. It was honestly worth the time and commitment as I was able to learn coherently and remember what I was doing compared to other driving companies I had been with previously. As an instructor, Habib was calm, knowledgeable and offered you a chance to answer and ask questions without feeling silly.

So thank you Habib for a refreshing experience and I would recommend the intensive courses to anyone, particularly those who feel they learn better by having a block of lessons over a shorter period of time

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Alex passed with 34 hours Intensive course and this is her review….

Need to say a big thank you to Ruth for helping me learn to drive and pass on my first attempt over 34 hours. I was a very nervous pupil who went into this not convinced that I’d ever get there. Ruth was very patient and understanding with me, and always put me at ease. There were lots of ups and downs whilst I was gaining confidence, but Ruth was brilliant and believed in me until I did.

Thank you again for everything – can’t recommend enough. Still can’t believe I did it,

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Eleanor passed driving test with 34 hours Intensive course and this is her review……..

I would recommend Driving Solution to anyone who wants to be a safe and confident driver on the roads. I passed first time and it is all down to my instructor and the nature of the intensive course.

I never thought I would pass in such a short space of time, I took the 34 hour course and every lesson was worth it. A few weeks ago I’d never even been in third gear! Habib was my instructor and he has the patience of a saint; lessons with him were always enjoyable and I started enjoying driving after the first lesson of the intensive course.

He was always very calm and understanding and totally changed the way I think about driving – I would definitely recommend him to anyone apprehensive about driving. The organisation of the intensive course was perfect – I explained my situation, that I was moving to university and wanted to pass before I left home and after my assessment lesson Habib we started planning 2 hour lessons. I still cannot praise Habib enough as he is a great guy with years of experience behind him (both driving and otherwise) who will calm you and put up with random nonsensical talking and is just awesome!

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