About us

Driving Solution established in 2007 by Habib Rahman¬†the Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency’s (DVSA)¬†Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). The aim of Driving Solution is to help new drivers to learn to drive and stay safe on the UK roads after passing their driving test.

We structure our driving lessons based on Client Centred Learning and encourage learners to drive more Independently during the driving lessons to gain confidence. 

We abide by the rules of the Approved Driving Instructors code of conduct as well as keeping up to date with latest changes that effect the new drivers training by regularly undertaking the continuous professional development training.

96% of our clients come to Driving Solution on recommendation from successful clients whom have learn and pass their driving test. Read their feedback and see our pass rate. We have built our reputation on customers recommendation for being honest, reliable and patient with excellent quality of instruction as DVSA approved driving Instructors.

In 2007 we started Driving Solution with Just one car now we have hand picked local driving Instructors to offer the first class tuition to Driving Solution standard

We use new manual and automatic dual control vehicle for driving lessons and we have male and female driving instructors whom are all approved by DVSA and all have gone through DBS check.

We specialise in 1 to 3 weeks Intensive driving course for those who wish to pass their driving test quickly also we welcome the nervous pupil who want to learn to drive.

What make us different from other driving schools?

  • We¬†will not teach¬†you¬†just¬†to¬†pass your driving¬†test,¬†we you will¬†teach you¬†how to drive safely for rest of your life.
  • We will not give you more lessons then you need when your ready for a driving test we will not hold you back.
  • All our lessons will be conducted on one to one so you will not have to share the car with another learner.
  • We have friendly reliable and patient driving instructors to help¬†nervous pupils.
  • All our driving Instructors are fully qualified and hold D.V.S.A driving instructors approved qualification (green badge)
  • As we’re a DVSA¬†approved we¬†will provide all the training set by Driving & Vehicle Standard Agency the organisation responsible for the driving test.
  • We will provide a drivers record to monitor your progress on every lesson.

What do our client say about us


I did a 27 hr intense course with Habib and he was fantastic.
I would recommend an intense course to anyone I can as it is definitely the best way to learn.

At Driving Solution, I found that u was not taught how to pass- but rather how to drive properly. I would recommend anyone to have Habib as their instructor as he is calm patient.

Habib is a great teacher as he will tell you when you have been good but also when you are not so good. We did mock tests for preparation and worked on both strengths and weaknesses. Habib is great at building confidence and moulding the shyest people into great drivers


“I passed my driving test first time today with Mike. I had about 25 hours and started 2 months ago (I started from scratch).

He is a brilliant instructor, who I would highly recommend for anyone in need of driving lessons. He was patient and was always willing to answer any questions I had, as well as teaching me everything I needed to know to pass my driving test, and more importantly, to be a good/safe driver”.


“I passed my driving test after completeing a 20 hr intensive course with Mike. Due to my shift pattern at work he was very good at adapting to the hours I could/couldn’t do.

 As I am an older driver I was very nervous, and Mike was very good at making me feel calm, at ease, and generally a happy driver! His teaching technique was very effective and I am very proud of the fact I learnt to drive with driving solutions and Mike

I fully recommend intensive courses with Driving Solutions, as it made driving easy to learn, fast and enjoyable.


“I had previously suffered with quite severe fear of driving when I had previously tried to learn to drive.

Luckily, upon my sister’s recommendation, Habib was able to get me back on the road with the confidence that got me to pass my test first time around! The intensive course was an excellent way to not only make sure I learnt everything, but built my confidence day by day, lesson by lesson, to do as well as I did”


“I began the intensive course as a nervous driver but with the help and support of my instructor I passed with flying colours. I strongly recommend doing the intensive driving course It’s truly is the best ‘Driving Solution’ saving you money and time”


“I have held my provisional¬†for years but gave up due to being a passanger in a car crash.¬†I never thought¬†I¬†would drive as¬†I was far to nervous but now I have kids¬†I have to drive.¬†I booked my intensive course and done my assessment lesson and when¬†I was told¬†I only needed 20 hours¬†I didnt think¬†I would pass as felt¬†I needed more.¬†

I passed my test first time with 3 minors.¬†I truly and honeslty think if¬†I had gone with another company¬†I wouldn’t of passed but habib found a way of making me learn and to take my nevours away. He was fantastic and i am so thankful to him. He is a fantastic instructor and lovely person.¬†I have laready recommended him to many people as i feel he is outstanding.¬†I now in the climate at the moment people are looking for the cheapest company but I

honestly think pay that bit more with driving solution¬†and you know you are getting your money worth. thank you again¬†Driving Solution.¬†I will continue to recommend¬†you to everyone”.