The Standards Check and ADI Part 3 Test

Standards check test

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The Standards Check

In April 2014, DVSA implemented a new assessment of ADIs to check their ability to continue to instruct with the Standards Check. The criteria by which instructors were to be assessed would be aligned closely with the National Standards for Driver and Rider Training (NSDRT). Role 6 of the National Standards explains the knowledge, skills, and understanding that ADIs and their Trainers must demonstrate to be effective in their role.

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The ADI Part 3 Test

In December 2017, the final qualifying test for potential instructors ADI part 3, was also aligned with the Standards Check, and the same assessment criteria were implemented.

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The O.R.D.I.T

By April 2019 the ADI official register of driving instructor training also known as ORDIT was also brought in line with NSDRT to help ADIs and PDIs prepare with the Standards check and ADI part 3 test by the ORDIT trainers

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Our ORDIT trainer Habib Rahman has been training driving Instructors since 2012, and helping ADIs with Standards checks since it was implemented in 2014 by DVSA. Habib did his Standard check in 2015 and the new ORDIT in 2019, and on both occasions got an “A” grade, also Habib has an excellent track record with PDIs successful results on the ADI part 3 test (click to see)

With our ORDIT trainer’s knowledge, understanding, and experience on NSDRT, we can help you pass the standards check or the ADI part 3 test successfully and aim for an “A” grade.

The 3 High-Level Competencies Of The Standards Check / ADI Part 3 Test Explained By Our ORDIT Trainer Habib Rahman (click to read)

The Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is a critical aspect of the Standards Check / ADI part 3 test for driving instructors. Effective lesson planning ensures that the driving lesson is well-structured, relevant to the learner’s needs

Risks Management

Risk management is an important aspect of the Standards Check / ADI part 3 test for driving instructors. During the test, the DVSA examiner assesses the instructor’s ability to effectively manage risks.

Teaching And Learning Strategies

¬†One of the key criteria assessed is the instructor’s teaching and learning strategies. This evaluation focuses on how effectively the instructor engages the learner and imparts knowledge and skills

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Our Standards Check / ADI Part 3 Training

Training provided by ORDIT trainer Habib Rahman

Standards Check (SC)

Half day in car training
£ 150
  • Observing your lesson
  • Improving training techniques
  • Working with you for an A grade

ADI Part 3 / SC Online

2 hours online training (Zoom)
£ 60
  • Review any unsuccessful test results
  • Instructional techniques
  • What examiner looking for

ADI part 3 rescue

half day in car training
£ 150
  • ADI part 3 mock test
  • Understanding the 17 competencies
  • Understanding what examiner is looking for