ORDIT Driving Instructor Training Northamptonshire

Driving Instructor Training Cost:

Your success is our success, our driving instructor training program is professional, 1 to 1, with simple and highest quality training. We understand everyone is different when it comes to learning, some people may complete all the training in 3 months and some may take longer. To prepare you to succeed in becoming an Approved Driving Instructor, for the price below, we offer. 

ADI part 1 – Theory test (see video)

ADI part 1 exam is computer-based, and the test is in two parts, the theory test which is a selection of multiple-choice questions and answers, and the hazard perception test, similar to the learner driver theory test but with a higher pass mark. 

You will need to pass ADI part 1 to be able to proceed to ADI part 2

What do we provide for part 1 preparation?

ADI part 1 Training

Basic package
£ 25
  • Online Theory questions and hazards videos
  • Online high way code
  • 2 hours online tuition with trainer (optional)

ADI part 1 Training

Full package
£ 75
  • Include all basic package plus
  • Driving Instructors hand book
  • All DVSA recommended books

ADI part 2  –  Practical test of driving skills (see Video)

This is a driving test that is about your driving at a high standard compared to the learner’s test, and the test lasts approximately an hour. There are 5 parts to the approved driving instructor (ADI) part 2 test, which we will cover in-depth in our 10 hours training and mock test. 

You will need to pass ADI part 2 to be able to proceed to ADI part 3

What do we provide for part 2 preparation?

Instructor Training

Part 2
£ 425
  • Option to pay in 3 installments

ADI part 3 – The practical test of teaching ability  (see Video)

Part 3 is to checks your instructional ability, preparing you to be able to pass on your driving skills to the learner driver. We will deliver 52 hours in-depth training to prepare you for the final exam, and also you have an opportunity to earn while you learn before you take your final exam. (see Video)

Once you complete part 3 training, you could earn while you learn and recoup all your training money and more back.

What do we provide for part 3 preparation?

Instructor Training

Part 3
£ 1299
  • Option to pay in 3 installments

ADI Part 3 & Standards Check Rescue 

If you have failed your ADI part 3 test or if you’re an ADI and looking for training for your upcoming Standards check to pass or obtain an A grade on your standards check test.

What do we provide for part 3 / SC preparation?

ADI / PDI Rescue

ADI Part 3 / SC training
£ 150

Full payment package

ADI part 1, 2 and 3  training 

We will provide ADI part 1, 2 and 3 training as above, and you can cover the full cost of driving instructor training in one payment 

What we provide for part 3 preparation?

Full payment package

£ 1795

Pay as you go (PAYG) Instructor training

Option 3: Pay As You Go

£ 90
  • 2 hours session
  • Pay As You Go excludes all offers