The Client CentredĀ Learning (CCL)

The Client Centred Learning is the first training system of its kind to meet the new Government initiative that offers client centred training to people learning how to drive, except this course isn’t new to Driving Solution. We are proud to say that we have been using such modern methods since 2007.

What is client centred Learning?

People learn in different ways, at different speeds. If an individual likes to take time to reflect on their learning, is forced to move on to the next thing too quickly, it could slow down their progress. Likewise, if the person is a practical learner and is made to watch too many demonstrations without trying it out for themselves, they too will get frustrated.

Client Centred Learning takes into account how the individual prefers to learn. A strategy is then constructed in order to help them with the learning process which will ultimately enable they are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning at an early stage. This is the second aim of client centred learning.

How to teach in a Client Centred Way,

At its simplest, this means listening to our learner (the client) to find out how they like to learn, the things that are getting in the way of their progress.

Safe and responsible driving

The Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) has set out exactly what it takes to be a safe and responsible driver. This is for the National driving standard on category B (car). It sets out what drivers need to be able to do and the knowledge and understanding they need to be able to do it. All driving Instructors should use this as the basic for what to cover in each driving lessons.

Rebecca passed and wrote this review …….

I can’t even begin to thank the amazing Saleem enough for all the hard work & effort she’s put into helping me. I truly was the unteachable!! Probably the most nervous, forgetful, slow learning pupil to walk the earth. I never thought in a million years I would pass first time but I did!:-) Saleem is the most caring and wonderful lady who’s absolutely fantastic at her job. Her patience is that of a saint, totally focused and professional while making you feel at ease the whole time. She gave nothing less than 110% effort the whole time. Her teaching methods are a lot easier to understand and she always gave me hope when my confidence was low. I can’t find enough words to explain how thankful I am. It’s been a pleasure meeting you. Again, thanks so much Saleem, you’re the best xxx

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Eleanor learn and passed in 3 weeks …

I would recommend Driving Solution to anyone who wants to be a safe and confident driver on the roads. I passed first time today (ahhhh!) and it is all down to my instructor and the nature of the intensive course. I never thought I would pass in such a short space of time, I took the 34 hour course and every lesson was worth it. A few weeks ago I’d never even been in third gear! Habib was my instructor and he has the patience of a saint; lessons with him were always enjoyable and I started enjoying driving after the first lesson of the intensive course. He was always very calm and understanding and totally changed the way I think about driving – I would definitely recommend him to anyone apprehensive about driving. The organisation of the intensive course was perfect – I explained my situation, that I was moving to university and wanted to pass before I left home and after my assessment lesson Habib we started planning 2 hour lessons. I still cannot praise Habib enough as he is a great guy with years of experience behind him (both driving and otherwise) who will calm you and put up with random nonsensical talking and is just awesome! Thank you Habib! Best instructor in the world!

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