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10 hours Driving Intensive Course

The 10 hours Intensive driving course is suitable for a well experienced driver, who just wants to fine tune their driving skills to be able to pass the driving test

To do the 10 hours course you will need the following key skills:-

  • You have already taken over 45 hours of driving lessons or had lots of private practice
  • You Have driven independently without help in busy traffic conditions in all types of roads
  • Able to deal with various types of junctions like crossroads and roundabouts with multiple lanes and road marking with confidence.
  • Able to drive independently using satnav or road signs
  • should be able to have good control of the vehicle to carry out all reverse manoeuvres with 80% accuracy

10 hours Intensive driving course including driving test:- *Terms and condition applies 


Off peak hours 

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Peak hours 

Monday – friday 5pm to 8pm 

Saturday 8am – 5pm

Manual car £520 £550
Automatic car £520 £550

Sophie passed with 10 hours Intensive course and wrote this review…..

“I’m so happy I passed my driving test, and it’s all thanks to Driving Solution and their excellent methods and ways of teaching. I did a 10 hour intensive course. I started the intensive course on the Monday had my test on the Thursday and passed. I recommend Driving Solution to anyone whose interested in wanting to pass there test.”

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William passed with 10 hours Intensive Course and wrote this review ……..

“Thank you so much Driving Solution, I started driving on the Monday and was passed by the Wednesday on a 10 hour intensive, Habib made me feel really comfortable behind the wheel and I passed with 1 minor, I will be getting my girlfriend some lessons with Driving Solution highly recommended”

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Hannah passed with 10 hours Intensive Course this is Hanna’s review..(click to read more reviews..)

“I did a 10 hour intensive course over 1 week. Habib was my driving instructor and was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. He helped me build up my confidence and I passed my test. I would recommend driving solutions to anyone that wants to pass their test. Thank you so much Driving Solution.”

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