Intensive Driving Course Rushden

Intensive Driving Course in Rushden  

Fast track solution, is to learn and pass your driving test within 1 to 3 weeks instead of learning over months and years with weekly driving lessons. We have 6 different intensive driving course tailored to suit individuals with present and past driving experience.

More pupil pass driving test with Driving Solution’s Intensive Driving Course Rushden than any other Intensive driving course companies (see our pass rate). We been delivering Intensive driving course training for our clients since 2007.

Our Intensive driving course will not just get you to pass the driving test, it will make you safe and confident driver for life. All our training is based on client centred learning (CCL)

How the Intensive Driving Course Work ?

Intensive driving course is designed to teach you to learn driving in very short space of time. With Intensive driving course you will be driving minimum of 2 hours every day to build your confidence and gain knowledge of driving, that will stay fresh in your mind when go for your driving test. 

Where with weekly driving lessons many learner’s feel nervous on start of the lessons which slows down the learning process and it may cause you to forget what you learn on your previous driving lesson. The nerve takes over and confidence doesn’t develop quick enough with weekly lessons.

We recommend 2 to 4 hours of driving lessons each day to build your confidence and gain knowledge of driving in short space of time.

How to Start our Intensive Course

To start our Intensive driving course you need to pass your theory test first. If you have not passed the theory test we can arrange this for you (click to purchase theory test pack)

To provide you with an idea of which Intensive course is suitable for you and the costs click and see the details of each Intensive driving course we below:- 

Arrange an assessment lesson

After you decide on which Intensive course is suitable for you, it is advisable to contact us  for an assessment lesson to have the driving instructors advice before you proceed. You can book assessment lesson online

How we proceed with the Intensive Course?

After an agreement on the Intensive course, we will book a driving test date for you and we will arrange all the driving lessons at you convenient date and time, working backward from your test date to provide all the hours of training in 1 to 3 weeks leading up to your driving test day.

Intensive driving course
Intensive driving course Rushden

Intensive driving course RushdenAnya passed with 34 hours Intensive course and said….

“Being such a nervous driver passing in just 2 weeks left everyone shocked”

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Intensive driving Course RushdenMary passed with 26 hours Intensive Course and said……

“The course was well organised from me taking my Theory to the arrangement of the practical test” 

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Intensive driving course RushdenTom passed with 20 hours Intensive Course and said……

“The intensive course was an excellent way to not only make sure I learnt everything, but built my confidence day by day, lesson by lesson”

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Intensive driving lessons NorthamptonNaomi passed with 26 hours Intensive course and said….

“I would 100% recommend and urge anyone who is thinking about doing an intensive course”

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Save up to £250 you don't pay any with our Intensive courses