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Amyrose's review - passed the driving test on 13th Sep 2017 with Intensive driving course

"I did a 16 hour Intensive course with habib from driving solutions I can honestly say they are amazing and I passed with 2 minor faults, when I was a nervous wreck and I made remarkable progress with them I would strongly recommend them to people who are nervous before their test or for driving lessons 🙂"  

Sammi's review - passed the driving test on 11th Sep 2017 with Intensive driving course

"I had taken two tests and failed I had experience but when it came to the test I would get so nervous I couldn't even remember my own name ... I was at my wits end ready to give up and was thinking maybe some people are just not meant to drive !!! I came across driving solutions and thought hmmm I can give it a try I suppose ... I booked the 10 hour intensive course ... my instructor saleem was amazing she worked with me on my weak spots and smoothed it all out she really took the time to find out about me and and tried a number of different techniques to find what best suited me. She made me positive and made me believe in myself. I took my test and passed with only 3 minors, which I was over the moon about. so from never thinking I could pass and practically ready to give up on driving I PASSED!!! And it's all thanks to saleem thank you so much !!! If you are reading this and thinking about it just stop and get yourself booked in ... you can thank me later "  

Zoe's review - passed the driving test on 7th Sep 2017 with Intensive driving course

"I have just completed the 4 week intensive driving course with Ruth, and I was so shocked that I passed first time! As a nervous driver who had never ever even sat in the driving seat of a car before, Ruth was always calm and helpful when explaining how and what I needed to do. My friends and family were astounded to learn that I had pass as even they weren't sure that I would do it! Without Ruth's brilliant approach to driving, I am sure that I wouldn't have been successful.

ps - We even got into 3rd gear on my first lesson!!"  

Stephanie's review - passed the driving test on 6th Sep 2017 with Intensive driving course

"I am so happy I chose this company to teach me to drive. I passed first time with just 1 minor which I think is really good. My instructor (Saleem) was amazing! I started off as a very nervous driver and my instructor did very well to change me into a calm, safe and confident driver. I really enjoyed my lessons and with each one I improved. Thank you Saleem 🙂 "  

Eleanor's review - passed the driving test on 6th Sep 2017 with 2 weeks Intensive driving course

"Amazingly structured lessons thanks to a very well organised instructor that allowed me to pass in just 2 weeks! My instructor filled me with confidence which made the test on the day feel more simple then expected! I looked forward to all my lessons and I feel every minute was put to use! Would definitely advise driving solution and I'm extremely thankful to my wonderful driving instructor Saleem ! "  

Scott's review - passed the driving test on 6th Sep 2017 

"Driving solutions is so good. My instructor was Jason and i honestly cannot say how good of an instructor Jason was. His teaching methods were good, always on time, reliable, honest and just brilliant personality. He's gotta be best instructor out there because i can't think of anyone else who's better. I highly recommend Jason to be your instructor if wanting a driving instructor. I passed today (06/09/2017) first time and i couldn't of done it without Jason. Great car, great methods and great person!

Naomi's review - passed the driving test on 1st Sep 2017 

"Thank you so much to Driving solutions for my instructor Aruna, i could not have passed without him!! I had many failed tests in a different county and honestly thought about giving up. Untill a friend recommended driving solutions in Northampton i gave it a go and passed within a few months 🙂 Aruna made me feel very comfortable and was very patient and understanding with working around my hours as i work and have 2 small children. Thank you again to Aruna HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

Vitalija's review - passed the driving test on 29th Aug 2017 

"I was so scared to start my driving lessons, so I postponed it for years. Now I cannot thank Saleem enough , for such a great help. Just because of her patience and dedication to work I was able to pass my test at first time with no faults. I keep recommending Driving Solution to anybody who listens to me!"

Ellie's review - passed the driving test on 14th Aug 2017 

"I started with Ruth with no confidence in my driving ability, made worse by my previous instructor, but Ruth helped me to gain confidence on the road. She was really patient with me and made driving lessons enjoyable. I highly recommend her because she made me believe I could pass and I did first time with only 3 minors. Thank you Ruth 🙂"

Kira's review - passed the driving test on 5th Aug 2017 

"Thank you so much to Jason for all your patience,help and approach to helping me pass my test! If it wasn't for you and your easy understanding of mastering the manoeuvres I don't think I would have done it!Jason is possibly one of the best instructors in Northampton,his cool,calm and down to earth nature makes you feel at ease when learning to drive and I can't thank him enough! Highly recommended"

Sophie's review - passed the driving test on 25th July 2017 

"So yesterday I passed my test 1st time with no driving faults and I would have never been able to do this without Jason!
Such a fantastic driving instructor that has brought me out of my shell!Passing your test is such an amazing feeling and I want to thank you for giving me my independence and building my confidence changing!
Thanks again Jason"

Dave's review - passed the driving test on 14th July 2017 with Intensive driving course

"All thanks to Ruth from driving solutions I'm so pleased to have achieved what I thought was the impossible in passing my driving test first time with only 3 minors!! For years I've been putting off attempting to learn to drive due to having Tourette syndrome but after having my first assessment with Ruth she helped me gain the confidence and belief that I could do it with just 26 hours of lessons. I would 100% recommend Ruth as a driving instructor because if I can do it then anybody can."

Hayley's review - passed the driving test on 5th July 2017 with Intensive driving course

"I After failing two tests I was considering giving up on driving altogether until I found Driving Solution online. After reading all of the good reviews I thought I'd give it a go. Just over a week of lessons later I passed my test with only 1 minor. I cannot fault the patience I received and the confidence I gained in such a short time thanks to a brilliant instructor. I've been taught a life skill I'll never forget and I'm grateful; thank you Habib!

Ashley's review - passed the driving test on 1st July 2017 with Intensive driving course

"I could not recommend Jason from driving solutions enough. At first I had my assessment lesson and was told 16hours of intestive lessons. which I thought I'd never be able to achieve. He gave me so much confidence and after 16hours I passed my test first time! Very highly recommend !"

Natalja's review - passed the driving test on 29th June 2017 with Intensive driving course

"Its been already two weeks since i got my driving licence. I would like to say a big Thank you to my instructor Linda, who was so patient while explaining and teaching me. Professionalism and patience - she's been gifted! Shes instructor Number 1! I am very lucky that i was given an opportunity to learn from Linda. Next in queue to get driving licence are my sons. Undoubtedly they will be doing it with Linda!"

Lucy's review - passed the driving test on 30th June 2017

"So happy to have passed my driving test this morning with just 1 minor. I would personally like to thank Saleem for being the most incredible driving instructor. Right from the start, she was calm, friendly and really easy to get along with. Never, I thought I would be ready, let alone pass my test with only 21 hours of lessons! Would thoroughly recommend."

Glyn's review - passed the driving test on 22nd June 2017 with Intensive driving course

"A massive thank you to Jason from driving solutions very easy to get along with and very friendly. I was a bit nervous when i first started driving but he taught me how to put that all to the side and be more confident. I passed first time with no minors from a 16 hour intensive course. I highly recommend these guys to anyone wanting to start driving. Thank you driving solutions and a big thank you to Jason. 

Charlotte's review - passed the driving test on 14th June 2017

"I did a 16 hour intensive course and passed a month after my 17th birthday! The instructing was great at driving solutions and every lesson felt very productive. I am dyslexic so I struggle with my audio processing and taking in instructions can be hard but Habib made sure that I understood everything and made me feel very prepared and relaxed for my driving test. He gave amazing advise and made manoeuvres, like parallel parking, really easy."

Daniel's review - passed the driving test on 2nd June 2017

"Today I passed my driving test at the first attempt after a 26 hour intensive course with driving solution instructor SAM. He was so easy to communicate with and his teaching tips are great therefore I'll use these in future when driving. Overall I'm very pleased with my experience with driving solutions but mainly SAM, definitely recommend to everyone."

Vinod's review - passed the driving test on 30th May 2017

I When you live in the UK you should definitely hold a full UK driving licence because it is a necessity here. So, Driving Solutions was recommended to me by my friend and I have joined Driving Solutions to take practical lessons. Sam was my tutor and he made me feel comfortable while taking lessons, correcting when I was making errors, counselling where I've to focus more.. I remember Sam always saying "Keep it Simple" and yes I kept it simple and stick to the basics on the test day.. and the result was PASS.. I would recommend Driving Solutions and Sam based on my experience.

Charlotte's review - passed the driving test on 23rd May 2017

I failed my test 5 times, and I was ready to give up on driving. Then I came across driving solution and had a 10 hour intensive course with Habib and I passed my driving test with only 2 minors! I can't begin to say how much it changed my life and I'm so grateful for the support, help and confidence I got from Driving Solution. If there is anyone like me, ready to give up, I would highly recommend Driving Solution's intensive courses. first time today with only 3 faults, after completing 18 of 20 hours intensive course spread out over 2 weeks.

Macauley's review - passed the driving test on 18th May 2017

Passed first time today with only 3 faults, after completing 18 of 20 hours intensive course spread out over 2 weeks.
It wouldnt have been possible without Saleem, absolute fantastic driving instructor, I felt very comfortable. Shes easy to get along with. She's a lovely lady, has a clear, simple and easy was of teaching & explaining different techniques. My availability was very limited but she still managed to plan my lessons so I could fit all the hours in. I had little experience but Saleem taught me everything I needed to know in such a short amount of time. Brilliant instructor! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND SALEEM! Thank you

Fariss's review - passed the driving test on 17th May 2017

Passed my driving test yesterday due to the hard work from my instructor Sam! Helped me from the start and was very very easy to communicate with and learn from him , I was very pleased.

Nicola's review - passed driving test on 25th April 2017

"So yesterday I passed my test first time with no faults and it's all thanks to Jason. None of this would have been possible without him. He is absolutely brilliant tells you little tips and rules to remember and is so so encouraging. I cannot recommend him enough. THANK YOU Jason"

Sonam's review - passed the driving test on 21st April 2017
"After over 2 years of lessons, I have passed my test first time this morning! Started off with Habib but changed to Jason, due to some time constraints. I could not be happier or recommend you enough. There were times when neither of us thought I was ever going to get to this point, but with fantastic guidance, and a firm hand, I managed to pass. Thank you so much Jason, I have no doubt that I really was not the best student in terms of ability, but you've helped me keep at it and kept me motivated. You are a superstar instructor!

Megan passed driving test on 11th April 2017

"passed my driving test on the 11th April! It took 8 months of encouragement but Linda taught me to drive and I couldn't be more thankful 🙂 I never thought it was possible because I was much too nervous in a car as a passenger let alone driving. But Linda was a fantastic instructor who gets to know you and what you're comfortable with, she guides you perfectly and gives the right amount of encouragement pushing so you test your limits.
Driving solution is a great company to learn to drive with and communication is fast and they have top resources available to help you pass.  Thank you Linda!"

Mel passed the driving test on 7th April 2017

I would like to say a massive thank you to my instructor Habib Rahman! After my assessment lesson I was told to take 20 hours intensive course. Habib helped me to gain confidence and perfect my all round driving. I cant recommend him enough for having the patience and ability to teach me how to drive with confidence. I felt extremely anxious about driving and had little confidence but I am so pleased to say that TODAY I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST WITH NO FAULTS!! And its all thanks to Habib. I will be recommending Habib and Driving Solution to everyone in future.

Silje passed the driving test on 7th April 2017

Thank you so much to Ruth, my driving instructor, and Driving Solution. I had previously failed 4 driving tests with 2 previous instructors and a different company. I was extremely anxious about doing another test and my confidence was really low. I've had 20 lessons with Driving Solution (intensive course) and today I passed my test. I couldn't have done it without Ruth. She helped put me at ease and gave me confidence in my driving. I am really grateful and would highly recommend Ruth and Driving Solution.

Martynas passed the driving test on 29th March 2017

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Habib Rahman! After my assessment I was told to take 20 hours intensive course and today I have passed the driving test for the first time with only 2 minor faults so this course was perfect for me. We even skipped one day but still I was confident enough before the test day!"

Rebecca passed driving test on 27th March 2017

"Thank you so much to Habib. I had been learning on and off for years. I took a intensive course with him back in june of last year. I didn't pass on my first time, but I only took four hour of lessons in March and passed. Hibib is a fantastic instructor and taught me things I had struggled with. I have had many different instructors over the years but must say Habib has been the best for me. I would just like to say thank you to him and driving solutions. I would definitely recommend Habib and driving solutions in the future to anyone.

Anna Marie passed the driving test on 20th March 2017

"I would like to say THANK YOU TO SAM for all the time and help and confidence you gave me.I found you very easy to get on with and you have the patience of a saint.Without the professional help you gave me I would never have been able to reach my goal of learning to drive.A big thank you for providing an excellent service."

Adil passed the driving test on 24th March 2017

After my previous instructor said he was not going to take me to my test, I decided to change instructor. Immediately, I felt that Ruth believed in my driving abilities. If anyone looking for instructor who known their stuff but more importantly is kind as well as calm then I strongly advise Ruth as an option. Could not have done a better job as an instructor. Much appreciated.
Adil Rahman

Loriann passed on 17th Mar with 42 hours Intensive course

So today after a 4 week 42 hour intensive course I passed my driving test first time with only 4 minors, I couldn't have done it without the help and support of my driving instructor Ruth, she was absolutely amazing and such a pleasure to share this experience with. I literally can't thank her enough!!! I'm one happy girl right now!
Thanks Ruth!

Jamie passed on 17th Mar with 20 hours Intensive course

So i booked a 20 hour intensive driving course and thought this was enough. When it was my first day my confidence was a little low and i was very worried about roundabouts. My instructor Sam was very calm and kept me cool throughout the whole course, He showed me many little tricks and tips for the test which today helped me a lot. If anyone is looking for a instructor go with Sam, Honestly this guy is by far the most amazing instructor i have ever seen. He does not think of the money, he really does aim to get you passed.. Also i passed First time with 5 minors.. I am very happy right now.. Thanks sam 😀

Jamie passed on 13th Mar with Intensive course

Previous to Driving Solutions I had been learning for 6 months with two different driving instructors, who were unreliable and not teaching me anything. I became almost unmotivated to drive, then I found Driving Solutions. I decided to take the intensive course as I wanted to get my license quickly, and I would fully recommend the intensive course to anyone. I 100% believe that it is the best way to learn. None of this would of been possible without the fantastic tutoring of Jason, he's by far the greatest driving instructor I've had and could hope for. He makes you feel comfortable at the wheel, has his own little tricks for manoeuvres that work every time, but overall he's a great guy. If your in need of a driving instructor and want to pass first time like me, then please look no further Jason is the man for you. I can't thank Jason and everyone at Driving Solution enough for the great work and allowing me to pass first time with only 5 minors.
Thank you
Jamie 🙂

Murren Watson passed on 10th Mar 2017 

After learning with an instructor for over two years I decided to change instructors and found Jason. I managed to pass in just under 5 months, simply over the moon! He is absolutely brilliant, tells you little rules to remember for manoeuvres and is so encouraging. I recommmend him to anyone and highly rate him. So genuine and always picking up on everything to ensure a pass, great guy great service, thankyou for giving me the key to independence Jason, you're the best!

Lucy Rose passed on 6th Mar 2017 

I would like to thank Habib for helping me gain so much confidence and being patient with me. I would recommend him to anyone because he's brilliant. Thank you again for all of you help. Lucy 🙂

Emily platt passed on 22nd Feb 2017

I cannot thank habib enough! Within the space of 2 weeks I went from a nervous unsure driver to being confident and comfortable behind the wheel and passed first time!! Habib was very patient and encouraged me through every aspect needed! Highly recommend him and the intensive course to anybody!

Dimuthu Fernando passed on 16th Feb 2017

Sam is a great instructor who led me to pass my test in my first attempt. If you want to pass your test in the first go I highly recommend him. He definitely got the skills.. Thank you Sam!!! Without you I wouldn't able to achieve this...

Shakira passed on 8th Feb 2017

I've had a great experience with Driving Solution. Thank you to Habib who helped me gain more confidence in my driving and I managed to pass first time on a 34 hour intensive course. It was honestly worth the time and commitment as I was able to learn coherently and remember what I was doing compared to other driving companies I had been with previously. As an instructor, Habib was calm, knowledgeable and offered you a chance to answer and ask questions without feeling silly. So thank you Habib for a refreshing experience and I would recommend the intensive courses to anyone, particularly those who feel they learn better by having a block of lessons over a shorter period of time 🙂

Elvis passed on 19th Jan 2017

Thank you so much to Saleem! I couldn't have passed without her instruction.
I had 2 previous bad experiences with other driving schools but chose driving solution due to the high reviews and recommendations. My instructor was SALEEM whom I did a short intensive course with, she is so calm and understanding that the whole process of learning to the actual test pass felt like a breeze.
I highly recommend SALEEM and driving solution they're awesome!!!

Tom Chaffer passed on 18th Jan 2017

Just want to say a huge thank you to Jason for his instructions during my intensive course , which allowed me to pass first time today with only four faults! I would highly recommend doing an intense course, especially if you're looking to gain your licence quick. Jason was a really nice guy and really knows his stuff, literally my maneuvers perfect in one lesson and always encouraged. Again would recommend driving solutions and especially the intense course if you'd like to be driving and have your licence in a small amount of time!  Thank you Tom