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26 hours Intensive course

26 hours Intensive course

The 26 hours Intensive driving course is suitable for someone who has someone who basic car control and has some understanding how to drive the car using all the controls and instruments.

To do the 26 hours intensive course you will need to have the following key

  • You have already taken 10 – 25 hours of driving lessons
  • You can operate car controls and instruments at satisfactory level
  • You have good control of the car to move off smoothly and drive in straight line and able to stop
  • You can do left and right turning at junctions with some accuracy
  • You are not too nervous or have panic attack in light traffic conditions

26 Hours Intensive driving course including driving test  *Terms and condition applies


Off peak hours 

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Peak hours 

Monday – friday 5pm to 8pm 

Saturday 8am – 5pm

Manual car £1080 £1158
Automatic car £1080£1158

Sophie passed with 26 hours Intensive course and wrote …….

I completed a 26 hour intensive package over a few weeks and passed my test first time! I was really pleased with Habib’s teaching methods. He works out what you find difficult, then works out why you are making those mistakes and teaches you different methods to get it right.

This approach really worked for me. He puts you at ease, is extremely knowledgeable about the area and local test routes and has a good sense of humour that helps keep you relaxed. I would recommend learning with Habib and would like to thank him for all his tips and his help.

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Alex passed with 26 hours Intensive driving course and wrote…..

“I did the 26 hour course with mike, mike was brilliant all the way through giving me clear and understandable explanations And leaving me with phrases that I will take with me when I drive. Mike was very supportive all the way through my lessons and my test day and I felt he put me at ease when I drove allowing me to build my confidence up.
I would thoroughly recommend driving solutions and mike to anyone who wants to learn to drive and who might feel nervous or unsure of their abilities.”  

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Wayne passed with 26 hours Intensive course and this is his review…..

I booked a 26 hour intensive course, having very minimal driving experience, and Saleem was allocated as my instructor. original test date was a while away, but driving solutions were able to get me a cancellation bringing my test a lot earlier. i can not commend Saleem high enough throughout the 2 weeks leading up to the course. i found her very accommodating around work commitments, always gave clear and concise instructions with explanations and excellent at calming moments of nerves and doubtless. i would highly recommend driving solutions and Saleem to anyone considering an intensive course.
Thank you so much Saleem, you were an excellent instructor

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