Nervous driver

Too Nervous to Learn Driving

Approximately 85% of pupil we train to drive are very nervous to get behind the steering wheel of a car (See Feedbacks). 

At Driving Solution we specialise in training nervous pupil. We have friendly, patient male and female driving Instructors who are approved by the Government department the Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA). 

We will help you overcome your nerve, we will create a calm relaxed and a pleasant learning atmosphere and guide you step by step to make you understand how to drive and how build your confidence so you can get ready to start driving more independently with confidence.

There will be no pressure on you to do what you don’t wish to do, our lessons are structure by means of Client Centred Learning (CCL) which means lessons are planned to your ability and your understanding.

Here is a few nervous pupil who passed with us with their comment.

Rhema passed driving test and wrote this testimony

I passed FIRST TIME with only ONE MINOR!
I am still shocked as I was always a nervous wreck when it comes to driving. I have been with BSM… AA and had around 12-15 lessons. But when I started my intensive course with¬†Driving Solution¬†I learnt all of they taught me in the space of two hours!

I would recommend this Driving Solution 100% to anyone who is utterly nervous about driving and doesn’t know anything about it! With their¬†amazing way of teaching you will be confident in the space of two weeks and pass like I did!

I recommended it to all my friends…
I¬†you again for polishing me up to my full potential and to give me confidence on driving on the road. You’re really amazing! I can express my gratitude enough!

Leanne’s Review….

Driving Solution is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor! I would recommend Driving Solution to anyone that wants to learn how to drive. I struggled so much with nerves and they have been dealt with exceptionally.

I am now a confident happy driver. I drove myself to work today for the first time, just two days after passing, I’m the happiest girl alive. Never give up. Never back down. Always use that little bit of ‘fire in your belly

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