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How to pass your Driving Test?

How to pass your Driving test?

To answer this question you need to know what causes people who take the driving test to fail, in 2016 DVSA conducted 413,000 test and the driving test pass rate was 47% which means 53% (218,890) of people failed their driving test in 2016.


Here are 10 reasons recorded by DVSA why people fail their driving test.


1. Observation at junctions:

  • Looking hurriedly left and right won’t win you any prizes from the examiner. You must be seen to scrutinise the road, not only for other cars but cyclists and motorcyclists, too, and of course any pedestrians hurrying to cross. Accurate observation will give you the confidence to pull out that the examiner is looking for.

2. Use of mirrors:

  • Failure to use the mirrors applies to almost every one of the 10 reasons. The examiner wants to see you using them in a timely way. It’s not enough, though, to simply go through the motions; checking them should be a conscious procedure that properly informs your driving. Use them when changing speed or direction, when pulling away or turning. What is happening around you is as important as what is happening ahead.

3. Junction – turning right

  • The test consist of taking all kind of junctions particularly turning right at T-junctions and roundabout during the driving test and some of these junctions can be difficult. Turning right at junctions makes one of the biggest test failures. It’s important to get your timing right for the turn and of course the correct procedure of MSPSL.

4. Steering control

  • You will need to steer at the correct time for the speed you are driving at with enough steering to maintain control and road position. The tighter the turn then the slower the speed, with the correct gear selected. Hitting the kerb can also be marked as a steering fault.

5. Use of signals

  • Failing to signal correctly is the fifth most common reason for failing the test. This may be failing to apply a signal in good time so other road users have enough warning of your intentions, it may be a confusing signal that was applied or simply not applying one when necessary.

6. Moving away safely

  • Failing to move off under full control and/or without checking properly. You must move off checking mirrors and any blind spots, without causing anyone to change speed or direction as you do so.

7. Incorrect positioning

  • You must make sure you’re in the correct position for the direction you’re taking. Get in the correct lane early when necessary, look out for road signs and markings. Go the wrong way if necessary.

8. Inappropriate speed

  • You should drive at a speed suitable for each road and not unnecessarily hold up traffic. Driving too slow is likely to marked as a driving fault and driving much slower than necessary.

9. Reverse parking

  • The most common reason for failing is people messing up one of the parking manoeuvres. The observation must be maintained and you must get reasonably accurate, correcting yourself if necessary.

10. Corner reverse

  • Reversing around a corner requires reversing into a side road on the left. Like all manoeuvres good observations all around is very important and you must stay reasonably close to the kerb on this exercise without hitting it or going too wide. 


All Driving Solution’s instructors have 30% more test pass rate than national average test pass rate.

How is that possible?

All our driving instructor will structure each lessons to the ability of each client what we call client centred learning and our driving instructors will help you to gain confidence in driving and not just to pass the driving test. Read our clients reviews and see how we were able to help others to pass their driving test. Also see our pass rate of all those passed their driving test so far in 2017. 

All thanks to Ruth from driving solutions I'm so pleased to have achieved what I thought was the impossible in passing my driving test first time with only 3 minors!! For years I've been putting off attempting to learn to drive due to having Tourette syndrome but after having my first assessment with Ruth she helped me gain the confidence and belief that I could do it with just 26 hours of lessons. I would 100% recommend Ruth as a driving instructor because if I can do it then anybody can.
Passed driving test first time
I passed my test 1st time with no driving faults and I would have never been able to do this without Jason! Such a fantastic driving instructor that has brought me out of my shell!Passing your test is such an amazing feeling and I want to thank you for giving me my independence and building my confidence ...life changing! Thanks again Jason"
Passed driving test with zero fault

More client reviews

Habib helped me to gain confidence and perfect my all round driving. I cant recommend him enough for having the patience and ability to teach me how to drive with confidence. I felt extremely anxious about driving and had little confidence but I am so pleased to say that TODAY I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST WITH NO FAULTS!! And its all thanks to Habib. I will be recommending Habib and Driving Solution to everyone in future.
Passed driving test with zero fault
So happy to have passed my driving test this morning with just 1 minor. I would personally like to thank Saleem for being the most incredible driving instructor. Right from the start, she was calm, friendly and really easy to get along with. Never, I thought I would be ready, let alone pass my test with only 21 hours of lessons! Would thoroughly recommend
Passed driving test with one minor fault

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