Choosing Best Driving Instructor For Driving Lessons

Choosing best Driving Instructor for driving lessons

How can you decide who is best driving instructor for driving lessons and who is not?

Each qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) must undergo a process involving 3 tests and even once these are passed, a driving instructor must attend continual check tests to ensure they are teaching learners to a high standard.

Even taking this into account, the standard at which driving instructors teach however, varies considerably. This blog looks at how to find the best driving instructors for your needs and also whether simply choosing the cheapest instructor in your area is really worth it.

Cheap driving instructors

We all like a bargain, but the saying we get what we pay for is often true. A good driving instructor will have been teaching locally for a substantial time, will have a good pass rate and will have built up a client base based on recommendations. This instructor will have little need for advertising due to the recommendations received, let alone offer cheap prices.

A driving instructor offering overly cheap lessons may also be struggling for work due to a bad service. This is to an extent generalising, but choosing a cheap driving instructor can often result in costing more than a local, established busy instructor, offering a high quality service at prices that match the local going rate.

Find a driving instructor

Learning to drive often takes a minimum of 45 hours and is a relatively expensive process. It is of course in the learner driver’s interest to find the best driving instructor. Before deciding on the type of driving course you wish to undertake (an intensive course for example), you will need to find a driving instructor. The best driving instructors are often recommended by previous learners (see our client’s reviews). Look for a driving instructor that best fits your needs and not the cheapest you can find.

Learner drivers are usually nervous on their first driving lesson.

The instructor should make them feel at ease and comfortable. If for whatever reason, the instructor makes you feel uneasy, look for another. If during this assessment lesson you do not understand what the instructor is trying to explain, make it clear that you do not understand. The instructor should in theory use a different technique to explain. If by the end of the lesson you are still no wiser as to what the instructor was teaching, try another instructor. Bearing in mind however, the first driving lesson will be a daunting and nervous experience and may be a little confusing due to this.

Finding the Best driving instructors

The best driving instructors are those that are friendly and patient but are also firm at resolving driving related issues. You may feel dejected if your driving instructor seems that they are constantly addressing your failures, but this is a necessary part of the process. The best driving instructors must address each and every issue no matter how many times, after finding the fault the best driving instructor should work with the learner driver how to solve the fault by using the client centred learning approach   Also equally important to balance this with praise on all the learners achievements.


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