ADI Standards Check & Part 3 Workshop

What do the Standards Check & Part 3 Examiners Want?

Presented by: Faisal Iqbal

Change of date due to Covid19 - New date TBC

Review by Chris BarkerDriving Skills (Northampton)
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I've just been to one of the standards check / part 3 workshops that Faisal delivered in Northampton. What a great event! Faisals insider knowledge of this topic is invaluable and provided a real insight into exactly what I should be doing to get an A grade. The session was very open, friendly and interactive with everyone encouraged to ask questions. I would highly recommend going to one of these workshops for your continuing professional development and especially if you have a part 3 or standards coming up.
Review by Barbara PiorkowskaBarbara's driving school (Northampton)
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Well organised lots of information help to my standard check test I'm happy I was part of it. Thank you for work shop I have passed with an A, I'm so happy its worth doing it 100%
Review by Habib RahmanDriving Instructor Training Northamptonshire
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Thank you very much Faisal Iqbal for coming to Northampton and sharing your expertise and knowledge of what examiners look for on standards and part 3 test Being an ordit trainer myself it has given me more depth of the substances involved in those 17 competencies Every attendee I have spoken to after the event said they found this event truly helpful and and gave more clarification for future stc or part 3 Once again thank you for your time and your workshop very much appreciated by all attendees
Review by Tony CurranTC Instructor Training (Harpenden)
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Where do I start .....what an event I must say, I’ve been a driver trainer in the industry for over 40 years and been to many events and workshops across the country in my time but what a masterclass and a hard act for anyone to follow. Colleagues were buzzing, level of interaction and engagement was phenomenal, the knowledge shown was unbeatable and the responses to everyone’s questions were honest factual and all answered throughout this with no backing away or being defensive, and saying it as it is by the guest speaker. The content was well structured, client centric with a mixture of videos, group breakouts and interaction. It was well organized with so much work put behind the scenes and credit is due to everyone who was involved in this.
Review by Jahan AlomDriving Solution (Northampton)
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Thank you Faisal for coming down to Northampton and sharing your knowledge, you have clarified a lot of questions I had and I really enjoyed the session
Review by Napoleon NkengasuFreddo driving school (Northampton)
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Thank you Faisal for all you have enlightened me this day. You have brightened up my life once again and I can’t wait for another event like this.

Who is Faisal Iqbal?

Faisal Iqbal has many years of experience and knowledge as a former DVSA ADI Enforcement Manager (ADI SE) also…..

  • Area Operations Manager,
  • Area Transition team Manager,
  • Business Change Manager,
  • Timing Study Lead Manager,
  • Driver Training Assessment Manager,
  • Sector Manager,
  • ADI Enforcement Manager to name a few of Faisal’s roles.

Many of you will know Faisal from Stakeholder meetings he attended across the country or from either taking you on the ADI qualification Part 2 or 3 tests.

Faisal conducted many old style check tests and the new Standards Check since it’s launch in 2014, he attended many meetings to make stakeholders aware of this big change.

Faisal has accredited Fleet courses, carried out ORDIT inspections or supervised the test whilst the ADI supervising examiner was conducting the test and accompanying it for quality control purposes to ensure the examiner was meeting the standards that DVSA has set, this included car tests also in his Sector Manager and Area Operations Manager role.

Faisal was also an ADI trainer as well as doing management training courses and trained many ADI examiners for the ADI, Standards Check and ORDIT tests as well as Local Driving Test Managers (LDTM).

Faisal covered North, East, West London and East Anglia in his ADI Enforcement Manager role, this involved 60 plus driving test Centres and over 9,000 ADIs in the area that he was responsible for.

Faisal was part of the ADI Transition Team and was involved in setting up the ADI enforcement team within DVSA when it was officially launched in 2018 and was heavily involved in what you see now as well as many other projects.

Why attend this workshop ?

Faisal Iqbal’s expertise and knowledge exceeds in the driver training industry of standards check and part 3 test as follows ….

  • Faisal was involved in the trials and the roll out of the standards check when it was introduced in 2014.
  • Faisal was involved in training ADI examiners who conduct the standards check and part 3 test
  • Faisal used to carry out quality control by accompanying the examiners on standards check and part 3 tests to ensure the standards were met and consistent across the area.

About the workshop

This is a bespoke course, tailored by Faisal. Everyone attending will have the opportunity to fill in a questionnaire in advance and Faisal will adjust and tailor the course to attempt to cover popular queries.

This is not a rehearsed/repetitive course which goes up and down the country.

Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Location: TBC
Lunch: TBC
Price: TBC

All attendees will receive CPD certificate on completion of the workshop

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