Driving Instructor Training Northamptonshire

Train to become a Driving Instructor with our simple driving instructor training.

Driving instructor training Northampton

Train to become a driving Instructor with Driving Solution and we will guarantee you a job with us when you qualify as a driving Instructor, you will be your own boss, work the hours suitable for you  and earn excess of £1000 per week. Driving Solution developed a tailor-made training programme to help you to become a DVSA approved driving instructor. 

How do you become a driving instructor?

Here are some answers to questions asked by people who wish to become a driving instructor but unsure about the requirements to become a driving instructor:-

  • Be aged 21 or over
  • Have held a driving licence for at least three years with no more than 6 points
  • Complete and pass enhanced criminal record and motoring conviction checks
  • You can do any hours you wish
  • Wages are depend on hours you work.
  • e.g If you work 40 hours a week at £25 p/h 
  • Expect gross income £1000 p.w or 48 weeks equals £48000 p.a

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3 exams to pass to become an approved driving Instructor

ADI part 1 exam - Theory test 

This exam is computer-based and the test is in two parts, the theory test and hazard perception test.

You have to answer 100 theory questions which is divided in to four bands, in each band you have to answer 80% correctly and you must score 85 out of 100 to pass. In the hazard element of the test you have 14 video clips with a total score of 75 you will have to get minimum of 57 to pass.

ADI part 2 exam -  Practical test of driving skills

This is a driving test which is at a high standard compare to the learners test and it last approximately an hour. The test will consist of eye sight check at a distance of 27.5 metres, five vehicle safety check questions, all the four manoeuvres and driving on different types of road which may includes motorway, you will need to demonstrate an excellent awareness and planning of the road ahead and good control of your vehicle at all time.

Please note you only have maximum of three attempt to pass this test otherwise you will have to start again after your theory test expires.

ADI part 3 exam - The practical test of teaching ability 

After you complete the part 3 training you can obtain a trainee license (valid of 6 month) the trainee license can be used to develop your instructional skills and gain confidence, also you can be paid for teaching pupils.

The final exam is to checks your instructional ability, preparing you to be able to pass on your driving skills to others.

Please note you only have maximum of three attempt to pass this test otherwise you will have to start again after your theory test expires. 

  • The role play of ADI part 3 test will change from 2nd October 2017 with ADI standard check test.