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Covid19 - Disclaimer


  • Client – means the person who is doing the Intensive course or driving lessons
  • We – means Driving Solution
  • ADI – means approved driving instructors

Driving lessons

We will resume the driving lessons from 6th July 2020 unless any changes are made by the Government. We request all clients read and sign this disclaimer before starting or restarting their driving lessons from 6th July 2020.

Risks and Responsibility

Everyone is responsible for risks and responsibility of safeguarding against the Covid19 virus and help to stop the spreads. The Driving Solution’s driving Instructors will take necessary measures to safeguards all the clients from coming in contact with covid19 by keeping the personal  and vehicle hygiene to highest level as possible, we requests that all clients also help us to reduce the risks of spreading the Covid19 virus.

  • We request that all clients Wash/Clean their hands before commencing a driving lesson.
  • We request that anyone with Covid19 symptoms or those who have been in contact with anyone showing signs of Covid19 do not begin their driver training and self-isolate as per the government advice.
  • We will waive short notice lesson cancellation charges for clients with covid19 symptoms.  
  • ADI to sanitise the vehicle before & after on all contact points using on the market products that remove Viruses and Bacteria.
  • Ventilation in vehicle – ie Windows Open. More time spent outside the vehicle if possible.
  • Limit contact between instructor and student. This may for example require more frequent use of the dual controls where touching the steering wheel may have been a better option.
  • ADI or client to make hand sanitiser available in the tuition vehicle
  • ADI should communicate with students before and after lessons to ensure they are in good health.

Wearing of Masks or Coverings

Wearing of face mask or other covering by the client and the driving instructor is discretion of the driving instructor. Any covering or face masks needs to be secure and not interfere with the controls or your ability to drive safely. This advice may change.

Risks and Liability

Whilst we endeavour to stop the risks of spreading covid19 virus we cannot totally guarantee you will not come in contact with the virus during you learning to drive with Driving Solution, therefore you are continuing with your driving lessons at your own risks. Driving Solution or our driving Instructor cannot be held responsible.

More guidelines can be found on the governments guidance for people who work in vehicles.